Tuesday, December 25, 2012

High Elves Army Plog Update #1

With the recent flurry of painting work to complete my Chaos Daemons in time for Chosen and also The Outpost's Painting Challenge, I've been psyched up to complete all the half finished armies on my back burners.

I've dug the High Elves out of mothballs and am going to start chronicling their journey from basecoat to table top.

Heres the army thus far:

Lord choice is an Archmage. For games where named characters are allowed I'd definately go for Teclis.

Next up is a BSB Noble. Am planning to use the banner bearer from the Swordmasters command group to represent him

For my core troops I can choose from  3 main blocks.
a. 20 Archers (to be assembled)
b. 20 Lothern Seaguard

c. 28 Spearelves

Moving on to the Specialist troops:

a. horde of 30 White Lions (much choppy death - 15 done, 15 to go)

b. 20 Phoenix Guard to act as my mage bunker (10 done, 10 to go)

c. 14 Swordmasters (even more choppy death)

d. 5 Dragon Princes

e. Lion Chariot (assembled)

Finally a Great Eagle to round up the rare choice. Really hoping to win this bid on Ebay for the Coolminiornot Great Eagle model. Its an awesome mini!

Will be targeting to complete this army by March or April.

Keep looking for more updates.

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  1. That's a whole lot of pointy ears you've got there.