Wednesday, March 26, 2014

High Elves Army Plog Update #2

The last I blogged about my High Elves was Christmas 2012. Since then, the army has been completed - 2000 points of fully painted High Elves.

My entry for Legio Malaysia Throwdown II

Close up of the BSB

Legio Malaysia's Warhammer Fantasy Army Throwdown gave me the impetus I needed to finish painting the High Elves.

It was a wild ride! The initial trepidation at having to submit a fully painted unit gave way to elation and a sense of fulfilment as I began to complete each unit, week after week, seeing the army growing from the initial 5 man unit of Reavers to reach its eventual 2k points. The next few days will see me bumping this up to 2500 points in order to field a valid army for Legio Malaysia's Warhammer Fantasy Tournament 'Shadows over Nuln' on the 5th April 2014.

Some close up pics to follow.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Had a Blast on My Birthday

Well, I'm 41 now. The fantastic bunch of friends I have over at Hobby Forge saw fit to celebrate with me on the eve of my birthday.

Of course, there was booze.
There were awesome presents! (Booze being one of them - Thanks Alvin and gang!), minis from Jon, Yip, BLee. (You guys rock!) If I missed out anyone, I apologize.
Kensei Samurai Hero (Was so excited I painted it up on the spot. Thank you Yip!) 

Whee!!!! Pirates!!! Arrrrrr!!! Thank you Jon!
My other bunch of Penang friends in KL took me out for dinner at Eurodeli. There was much feasting. Oh, and my awesome sister made sure I had cake!!!!!
Pumpkin soup!

Ugly sausage - according to wifey

Selfie time!

Awesome food and awesome company! Me happy boy!
I can haz my cake and eatz it too!
Ended the night with drinks and pool at TTDI with the Hobby Forge gang.  It was a fantastic end to to a great night.  
Dom lines up his shot.

Tyranid Commission - Pic Heavy

I've started accepting commissions for miniature painting.

A case of being at the right place at the right time saw a whole load of minis coming my way.

This was an army commission initially comprising:

1x Tervigon
1x Carnifex
1x Hive Crone
1x Harpy
40x Termagants
40x Hormagaunts
5x Ripper Swarms
3x Hive Guard

This was the original paint scheme the client wanted.
 Having received the boxes from my client, over the course of the next 2-3 days I proceeded to assemble and prep all the minis.

Harpy WIP

Carnifex and Haruspex WIP


Went for the classic 'screamer killer' look.

Hive Guard

 Phew! All assembled, next - priming.

Primed and ready for paint.
I quickly painted up a test mini and sent a pic to the client for approval and I was good to go!
Test model
Test model
The next few weeks would be a blur of painting. My recipe:
Skin - Warpfiend Grey thinned with Lahmian Medium. Shading wash with thinned Druchii Violet. All over glaze with Gulliman Blue.
Carapace - Base Rhinox Hide, drybrushed successively with Trollslayer Orange, Averland Sunset, striations with Rakarth Flesh.
Weapon casings, primary claws - Temple Guard Blue drybrushed with Skink Blue.
Based with sand and small pieces of slate, overbrush with Temple Guard Blue and Ceramite White, flocked with Snow.

Here are a few WIP pics.

 Carnifex WIP.

 Decided to build the Tervigon and enter it into Hobby Forge's March Monster Madness too.

Completed Tervigon at March Monster Madness

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back to blogging

It's fitting that I do this on my birthday. Well, a lot has happened in the one year since I stopped blogging. Mostly work, family and some personal stuff sucked up my time.

Some of the more interesting things that happened from then til now.

1. Work commitments meant a transfer to HQ in Kuala Lumpur. So I've been living and working in KL now since September 2013. I live in Puchong, but you will usually find me most evenings at Hobby Forge in Kelana Jaya where I'm an unofficial 'grot'
Cool place to hang out and hobby!
 2. I officially became a member of Legio Malaysia, the premier wargaming club in the Klang Valley. Thanks for accepting me as a member guys!

3. I completed a 24 hour painting challenge!

Legio Malaysia's Iron Painter 2013

4. I've completed my first fully painted army since starting this hobby many, many, many years ago.

Legio Malaysia's Warhammer Army Throwdown
5. I've started doing something I always wanted to do, paint miniatures on a commission basis.

So, I'm back to blogging about mainly my passion and hobby - Miniatures. I hope you will continue to join me on my journey.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Plog #2

Received my bits to start building my Sekhmet or Scarab Occult Termies and put together some test models.

Still need to get my hands on some Tomb King Tomb Guard kopesh blades to replace the one on the halberds.

Am also gonna build up the bases using cork and other basing materials.

Anubis Termie
Even without the scenic bases, they absolutely tower over 'regular' PA marines and are going to look so badass on the battlefield.

The 'Big Boys'

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Plog #1

Well after my initial decision to start making a PH Thousand Sons army, Legio Malaysia announced their "Legio Army Throwdown" as part of their 2013 Legio upcoming events.

This has provided me the incentive to see my PH army though. The Throwdown is simple enough, get a 2000 pt army list, build, paint and present it over a series of weeks, i.e. week 1 - Troops, week 2 - Elites, etc.

Armies must be not more than 25% completed at the time of beginning the challenge. As an added challenge, armies can be built according to a theme decided by the organisers - in this case the theme is "Horus Heresy". That's right up my alley.

Being in Penang and all, I realise that I probably won't officially be in the contention to win any awards, however I will still give my all for this.

Having pored through the Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal, this is the initial list I've come up with.

Legion Praetor (represents Magnus the Red, The Crimson King, Primarch of The Thousand Sons)
Cataphractii Terminator Armour, Combi-bolter, Paragon blade
-155 pts

Legion Centurion (represents Ahzek Ahriman, Chief Librarian, Corvidae Cult and 1st Fellowship Captain)
Consul - Librarian, Level 3 Psychic Mastery - Divination
Artificer Armour, Refractor field, Force weapon, plasma pistol, frag and krak grenades
- 170 pts

Legion Centurion (represents Phosis T'Kar, Magister Templi of the Raptorae and 2nd Fellowship Captain)
Consul - Moritat
Artificer Armour, Plasma pistol x2, frag, krak and rad grenades
- 125 pts

Legion Command Squad (represents the Sekhmet or Scarab Occult)
3x Cataphractii Terminators combi-bolter, power weapon, 1x Thunder hammer
- 160 pts

Legion Contemptor Dreadnought Talon (represents the Pyrae Cult)
3x Contemptor Dreadnoughts -
a. Multimelta and dreadnought CCW with heavy flamer
b. Kheres Pattern assault cannon and dreadnought CCW with heavy flamer
c. Twin-linked autocannon x2
- 575 pts

Legion Apothecarion Detachment (represents the Pavoni Cult)
2x Apothecary
- 90 pts

Legion Tactical Squad (represents the Athanaean Cult)
15x Thousand Sons, Sergeant with Power fist, Power armour, bolter, bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades,
- 215 pts

Legion Tactical Squad (represents the Athanaean Cult)
15x Thousand Sons, Sergeant with Power fist, Power armour, Bolt pistol, CCW, frag and krak grenades
- 215 pts

Heavy Support
Legion Heavy Support Squad (represents the Raptora Cult)
7x Thousand Sons, Sergeant, 7x Missiles Launchers, Frag, Krak and Flakk missiles
- 295 pts

Total: 2000 pts

Will be posting updates as I go. In the meantime, thanks for looking.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

High Elves Army Plog Update #1

With the recent flurry of painting work to complete my Chaos Daemons in time for Chosen and also The Outpost's Painting Challenge, I've been psyched up to complete all the half finished armies on my back burners.

I've dug the High Elves out of mothballs and am going to start chronicling their journey from basecoat to table top.

Heres the army thus far:

Lord choice is an Archmage. For games where named characters are allowed I'd definately go for Teclis.

Next up is a BSB Noble. Am planning to use the banner bearer from the Swordmasters command group to represent him

For my core troops I can choose from  3 main blocks.
a. 20 Archers (to be assembled)
b. 20 Lothern Seaguard

c. 28 Spearelves

Moving on to the Specialist troops:

a. horde of 30 White Lions (much choppy death - 15 done, 15 to go)

b. 20 Phoenix Guard to act as my mage bunker (10 done, 10 to go)

c. 14 Swordmasters (even more choppy death)

d. 5 Dragon Princes

e. Lion Chariot (assembled)

Finally a Great Eagle to round up the rare choice. Really hoping to win this bid on Ebay for the Coolminiornot Great Eagle model. Its an awesome mini!

Will be targeting to complete this army by March or April.

Keep looking for more updates.