Monday, March 24, 2014

Had a Blast on My Birthday

Well, I'm 41 now. The fantastic bunch of friends I have over at Hobby Forge saw fit to celebrate with me on the eve of my birthday.

Of course, there was booze.
There were awesome presents! (Booze being one of them - Thanks Alvin and gang!), minis from Jon, Yip, BLee. (You guys rock!) If I missed out anyone, I apologize.
Kensei Samurai Hero (Was so excited I painted it up on the spot. Thank you Yip!) 

Whee!!!! Pirates!!! Arrrrrr!!! Thank you Jon!
My other bunch of Penang friends in KL took me out for dinner at Eurodeli. There was much feasting. Oh, and my awesome sister made sure I had cake!!!!!
Pumpkin soup!

Ugly sausage - according to wifey

Selfie time!

Awesome food and awesome company! Me happy boy!
I can haz my cake and eatz it too!
Ended the night with drinks and pool at TTDI with the Hobby Forge gang.  It was a fantastic end to to a great night.  
Dom lines up his shot.

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