Wednesday, March 26, 2014

High Elves Army Plog Update #2

The last I blogged about my High Elves was Christmas 2012. Since then, the army has been completed - 2000 points of fully painted High Elves.

My entry for Legio Malaysia Throwdown II

Close up of the BSB

Legio Malaysia's Warhammer Fantasy Army Throwdown gave me the impetus I needed to finish painting the High Elves.

It was a wild ride! The initial trepidation at having to submit a fully painted unit gave way to elation and a sense of fulfilment as I began to complete each unit, week after week, seeing the army growing from the initial 5 man unit of Reavers to reach its eventual 2k points. The next few days will see me bumping this up to 2500 points in order to field a valid army for Legio Malaysia's Warhammer Fantasy Tournament 'Shadows over Nuln' on the 5th April 2014.

Some close up pics to follow.

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